Jesse Matthew  (Photo: Charlottesville PD)
Jesse Matthew
(Photo: Charlottesville PD)

FAIRFAX, Va. (AP) _ Jesse Matthew, who could eventually face a death penalty in the slaying of University of Virginia student Hannah Graham, is going on trial in a separate prosecution that could send him to prison for life. Trial begins Monday for the 33-year-old Matthew in Fairfax, where he is charged with attempted capital murder, abduction and sexual assault in connection with a 2005 attack on a woman. Matthew was charged in the long-unsolved Fairfax case last year after his arrest in connection with Graham’s disappearance yielded a hit on DNA evidence. The victim in the Fairfax case has flown back from India to testify against him. Jury selection begins Monday morning and could stretch into Tuesday. The judge said 100 potential jurors will be available Monday and another 50 on Tuesday.