Sanchez Harris
Sanchez Harris
De'Quone Roberson
De’Quone Roberson

Lynchburg Police say two city teens are charged with a weekend armed robbery on Euclid Avenue. The victim tells police she was working on her car Saturday when two men approached her, and after helping her at first, one of them put a gun to her and grabbed her purse and cellphone. 18-year-old Sanchez Harris faces several counts, including robbery. De’Quone Roberson, also 18, faces accessory counts.

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On 07/30/2016 officers of the Lynchburg Police Department responded to 706 Euclid Avenue for an Armed Robbery. The victim in this case had been working on their vehicle parked on the street when two subjects came walking up behind the vehicle. One subject asked if the victim needed any help and the victim asked for help getting a cap under their hood unscrewed. The subject unscrewed the cap while the second subject remained behind the vehicle. The victim then gave the subject who helped them a rag to wipe off his hands, and thanked him for helping. That subject then walked back and began talking to the other subject who had waited behind the car. The victim got back in their car to continue working on it, when the first subject returned to their driver’s door and stuck a handgun to the side of the victim’s head and stated, “Give me your purse, or I am going to shoot you!” The victim’s purse and cell phone were lying in the passenger seat. The victim then looked at the subject and asked him why he was doing this and the subject then jammed the handgun against their ribs and stated again, “Give me your purse or I am going to shoot you!” He then leaned in and stole the purse and cellphone belonging to the victim, while the handgun was still pressed against the victim’s ribs. Both subjects then ran and were apprehended, without incident, shortly thereafter by the responding officers. The second subject who had waited behind the vehicle was found to be in possession of some of the items stolen from the victim. The subjects who were taken into custody were:
1.    Sanchez Demonas Harris, 18 yr. old male of Lynchburg, Virginia. Charged with Robbery, Use of a Firearm in the Commission of a Felony, Reckless Handling of a Firearm, Assault and Battery, and Credit Card Theft
2.    De’Quone Ra’kee Roberson, 18 yr. old male of Lynchburg, Virginia. Charged with Accessory to a Robbery and Accessory to Grand Larceny

Both subjects are being held at the Blue Ridge Regional Jail in Lynchburg, Virginia without bond. We would like to thank those citizens who partnered with us by giving information that led to their apprehension.