Governor Youngkin has amended a bill that will end mask mandates in Virginia public schools to make it take effect immediately.  It’s now on its way back to the General Assembly which would have to approve the change. 

The bill will prohibit local school boards from requiring masks for students. 

EARLIER:    Local school systems in Virginia would be banned from imposing mask mandates on students, under a bill passed by the state’s House of Delegates. The House vote Monday gives a victory to Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin after he unsuccessfully sought to ban mask mandates by executive order last month. Youngkin has the option to attach an emergency clause making the ban take effect immediately. If he does so, the bill goes back to the legislature, and would require another majority vote from each chamber. If Youngkin signs the bill unamended, it won’t take effect until July 1. The House passed the bill by a 52-48 vote.