Liberty University says it hasn’t agreed to hosting the State GOP drive-through convention on May 8th.   Various media outlets – including WLNI — have been reporting that information today after a meeting last night of GOP officials.  Liberty issued a news release today saying they are considering the request for full rental cost, but haven’t agreed to any plan or contract.   They say if they do agree to rent off-campus parking areas to the GOP, they would do likewise on comparable terms if another political party or candidate asked.

State GOP Leaders want to use Liberty’s outdoor space for a drive-through convention for delegates to choose republican candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General.

Original:  Virginian Republicans will choose their statewide candidates  with a drive-up convention on May 8th on the campus of Liberty University.  Party leaders made that decision last night.    A traditional convention would have been illegal under Virginia’s COVID-19 rules.    The drive-up convention at Liberty will begin at 9 a.m. Republicans said convention delegates will be able to stay in their cars the entire time as they vote on their candidates for governor , lieutenant governor and attorney general.