Education-News1Virginia education officials say about 90% of students who entered high school in the fall of 2010 earned a diploma within four years — but the results in our region our mixed.  And for the first time since the state increased graduation requirements, more than half of the graduates received an Advanced Studies Diploma. State Superintendent of Public Instruction Steven Staples calls this a “watershed event” in Virginia’s effort to increase college and career readiness. The Department of Education says that 89.9% of the 94,700 students in the class of 2014 earned a diploma. That’s up from 89.1% the previous year and 8.6% in 2008.  State figures show the Heritage four-year graduation rate is 83% and 80% at E.C. Glass. Brookville comes in at the statewide average, 90%, and at Jefferson Forest, it’s 93%.

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