Tappahannok Historic Marker (Source: waymarking.com)
Tappahannok Historic Marker
(Source: waymarking.com)

TAPPAHANNOCK, Va. (AP) _ The seizing of the town of Tappahannock during the War of 1812 is being remembered with a new state historical marker. The marker issued by the Virginia Department of Historic Resources will be dedicated on Saturday along the Rappahannock River. The marker will hark to a momentous time Tappahannock’s history. On Dec. 2, 1814, British naval forces commanded by Capt. Robert Barrie shelled and seized the town. The British were assisted by three companies of Colonial Marines — all formerly enslaved African Americans. The British left Tappahannock two days later, but not before they ransacked homes, torched two jails and the courthouse. The Tappahannock raid was one of the last the British conducted before the war ended.