The Virginia Department of Transportation crews will continue to treat roads through the night with chemicals to prevent icing and create better traction for travel. Roads with the highest traffic volumes are treated and cleared first. These are interstates and primary roads, then major secondary roads followed by subdivision streets. Freezing rain is expected to continue overnight for Lynchburg area. This amount of ice will likely cause power line issues. VDOT has coordinated with tree removal contractors and utility companies to clear fallen tree branches and other debris that may impact power lines. Motorists are urged to avoid driving on icy surfaces and call 511 or go to www.511virginia.org to get the latest road condition information. Temperatures will slowly warm with most areas changing to rain in time for the rush hour commute Monday morning.

VDOT rews have treated interstates and primary roads with salt brine or anti-icing chemicals in the Staunton, Salem, Northern Virginia and Culpeper regions. Anti-icing helps to prevent snow and ice from sticking to the roads. Crews will continue to work through the weekend and into the week treating and clearing roads. VDOT has also coordinated with utility companies to prepare for possible power outages should downed tree branches and other debris hit power lines.
For updated traffic info visit: www.511virginia.org/