Photo: Venue Cinemas

Venue Cinemas in Lynchburg plans to start showing movies again soon — in their parking lot. First up: The Wizard of Oz. The movie house says it is still working through some technical issues with the outdoor screen they’re setting up along Lakeside Drive, so they do not have a confirmed start date. Once they get going, they will show movies Friday and Saturday nights.

From Venue Cinemas Facebook: Big News! Venue Cinemas will start having weekly drive-in movies in our parking lot soon! We are still working out a few details. Check back on our facebook page for movies and dates. As of now we will plan on showing movies Fridays and Saturdays and depending on the response we could possibly add more days.We have not set a start date yet. As soon as we have all of the equipment set and tested, we will announce more info.

Our first movie will be Wizard of Oz. We are working through some technical issues with our screen. As soon as we have those fixed we will start selling tickets.