Veterans and patriots gathered at Monument Terrace in downtown Lynchburg today for the 1000 week anniversary of “Support the Troops” rallies.    WLNI helped organize the first rally on November 30, 2001 after the September 11th attacks, and they’ve continued each Friday at noon since.   You can listen to the entire ceremony here:

WLNI · 1000 Weeks Ceremony

Here’s our conversation with Kimberly Bailey, who recently retired to Lynchburg after serving 22 years in the Army:

WLNI · Kimberley Bailey 01 – 28 – 21

Here’s our conversation with the Reverend Brian Moore, who served three tours and received the Purple Heart, on how the Support the Troops Rallies have shaped his life:

WLNI · Sgt Brian Moore 1 – 27 – 21

Here’s our conversation with veteran Neil Bohnert:

WLNI · Neil Bonhert 1 – 26 – 21

Here is our conversation with one of the original organizers, Steve Bozeman:

WLNI · Steve Bozeman 1 – 25 – 21