U.S. Senator Mark Warner

Senator Mark Warner has joined the list of Democrats who say they will both vote against the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court and for a filibuster when it reaches the Senate floor. Warner says Gorsuch does not possess a judicial philosophy that will serve the American public well.

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“Despite his impressive academic credentials, Judge Gorsuch’s record and evasive responses – even refusing to answer questions regarding his views of cases like Roe v. Wade and Citizens United – do not give me confidence that he possesses a judicial philosophy that will serve the American public well. ‎

“At the same time, I have grave concerns about any attempt to change Senate rules on confirmation of Supreme Court nominees. These changes would have severe and lasting consequences on our Supreme Court, which I believe should remain above the current hyper-partisan environment rather than being shaped by it. I have hoped that bipartisan efforts would result in a better way forward, instead of Republicans threatening to impose the ‘nuclear’ option. But such a threat is not alone reason enough to support a nominee who has not provided the Senate with sufficient assurances regarding his approach and judicial philosophy.  Consequently, I plan to vote against cloture and against his confirmation.”