Delay or adjust travel plans since roads may become hazardous during icy conditions
Lynchburg, Va. — Crews with the Virginia Department of Transportation are on the roads this morning, prepared to respond to any reports of icing on highways. Rain is falling across much of the Commonwealth and is forecast to change to freezing rain during the morning commuting hours in parts of the Lynchburg District, especially in elevated areas in Amherst, Nelson, and Appomattox counties. Freezing rain can make roads icy and slick and is extremely hazardous for all drivers, even in four-wheel and all-wheel-drive vehicles.
Ice is likely to form first in areas where pavement temperatures are lowest. These spots include bridges, overpasses, and ramps.
If travel is necessary this morning, drivers should pay attention to local weather forecasts and plan to use extreme caution as road conditions may deteriorate quickly. As air temperatures fall, pavement temperatures will also drop, creating the potential for icy conditions through Thursday morning.
VDOT crews are working across the state to respond to the storm. They have been on duty overnight, monitoring road conditions and will spread salt and sand to improve traction and melt ice when freezing precipitation begins. Since the storm began as rain brine was not used for this event since the rain would have washed it off the roads, rendering it ineffective.
Safety and Travel Resources
When winter weather arrives, residents and motorists should plan travel ahead of time, check road conditions, prepare an emergency car kit, follow forecasts and announcements and limit travel based on conditions.
Prior to travel, motorists should visit, call 511 or check the 511 Virginia
mobile app for up-to-date information on road and traffic conditions.

EARLIER: Winter Advisories and Warnings in place in Virginia ahead of rain, freezing rain and sleet. WDBJ 7 meteorologist Leo Hirsbrunner on what the Lynchburg area can expect:  

VDOT says crews are NOT pre-treating the roads with brine, as the rain would wash it off. But starting tonight, VDOT will be monitoring road conditions and applying mixed abrasives to bridges and any areas where roads get slick. 

Here’s more information about how VDOT crews are getting ready:

Lynchburg, Va. – The first major winter storm of the season will arrive in the central region of Virginia on Wednesday afternoon, December 14. It will begin as rain, likely after 4 p.m. VDOT crews will NOT be pre-treating the roads with brine, as the rain would wash it off the roadway. As the evening progresses on Wednesday and into Thursday morning, icing on roads becomes a major concern, especially in the higher elevated areas of Nelson and Amherst counties, where accumulations could exceed 1/4 inch. Starting Wednesday night, VDOT will be monitoring road conditions and applying mixed abrasives to bridges and any areas where roads get slick.
Other regions may also see ice form – especially on bridges, elevated surfaces or in localized areas where temperatures might dip below freezing. VDOT’s message to all is to be aware of the forecast and avoid travel when road conditions are at their worst. The biggest threat for icing on our roads is from 1 a.m-12 p.m. on Thursday. The precipitation is expected to leave the Lynchburg District between 5-7 p.m. Thursday. The Lynchburg District is made up of Amherst, Appomattox, Buckingham, Campbell, Charlotte, Cumberland, Halifax, Nelson, Pittsylvania, and Prince Edward counties and the cities of Lynchburg and Danville.
After the storm has passed, there is a danger of water re-freezing on the roadways. This threat is strongest from about midnight-4 a.m. on Friday. Don’t drive -or use extra caution when driving during those hours.
VDOT’s Customer Service Center is open 24 hours a day to answer questions and take reports of roadway hazards. Call 1-800-FOR-ROAD (367-7623) or contact us online at
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