LPD: Some residents make it easier for thieves to steal vehicles or valuables inside them

Lynchburg Police say so far this month, officers have investigated 20 cases of thefts from vehicles and six vehicles stolen. Police say in almost all the incidents, the crimes were made easier because the vehicles were unlocked, keys or valuables were left visibly inside them, or some combination.

From Lynchburg Police: The Lynchburg Police Department is investigating several larceny related crimes involving vehicles. Throughout the month of October 2018 citizens have reported the following incidents: Larceny from vehicles–20. Tampering with vehicles–7. Stolen Vehicles–6. These crimes are occurring throughout the city. The stolen vehicles whichhave not been recovered are as follows:2001 Pontiac Grand Am Red in color bearing Virginia License # UXH-4359,  2003 Suzuki GSXR-750 Motorcycle Black and Yellow in color with no license plate. These crimes with few exceptions are crimes of opportunity.

The Lynchburg Police Department encourages all citizens to be vigilant in placing items of value out of plain sight to include change,cash, sunglasses, wallets, pocket books and electronic devices. Additionally all citizens are encouraged to lock their vehicles and take ignition keys out of their vehicles. Anyone having information in reference to any of the above related offenses is asked to contact Crime Stoppers or your local law enforcement agency. Crime Stoppers has the ability to pay up to a $1,000reward for information related to these offenses.

It may get noisy along a discontinued pipeline to Montvale

The company that operated a now-discontinued gasoline pipeline to Montvale says some people who live near it might hear loud noises as part of the decommissioning process. Colonial Pipeline officials say that process involves filling the line with nitrogen, and that sometimes involves a loud blowing sound. Colonial ceased operations of the spur from Richmond to Montvale in late September.

From the Colonial Pipeline website:

  • Colonial has completed its final delivery on Line 25 and is in the process of decommissioning the line from service.
  • Colonial will continue to maintain the decommissioned line, which runs underground from Columbia, Va., to Montvale, Va. – a distance of approximately 90 miles.
  • Colonial announced in August of 2017 that the line would be taken out of service due to concerns over its long-term viability.
  • Before decommissioning is complete, Colonial will purge the line of product and fill the line with an inert gas, nitrogen.
  • Residents who live within a half mile of Line 25 will receive letters detailing the timing of this work and the potential for a loud blowing sound as excess nitrogen is vented from the line.

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24-hour Confederate cemetery security criticized for cost

After the clash between white nationalist and counter-protestors last year in Charlottesville, documents show millions of dollars being spent to protect Confederate cemeteries. Government watchdog groups argue that it’s wasteful spending. WLNI’s Ian Price has more:

10-23 Confederate Cemeteries WLNI-WRAP

Virginia’s attorney general calls for cash bail reform

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) – Virginia’s attorney general has called for reforms to the state’s cash bail system. Mark Herring says the current practice of seeking cash bail leaves many nonviolent defendants unable to afford to get out of jail while they are awaiting trial. Herring said the practice raises possible constitutional concerns and puts an undue burden on low-income defendants. Herring said the state has other ways of keeping communities safe and ensuring that defendants show up in court, including pretrial supervision. The move away from cash bail has gained support at the state and national level. In New Jersey, cash bail was all but eliminated in 2017. In April, Richmond’s top prosecutor said he would no longer seek cash bail for defendants who do not appear to pose a risk to the community.

Kaine’s other campaign: to help Democrats flip VA House seats

Senator Tim Kaine continues to hold a comfortable lead in all statewide polls, and that helps him campaign for something else in next month’s elections — control of the House of Representatives. His campaign is running ads aimed at black and Hispanic voters as part of the effort to boost turnout in several Virginia Congressional districts Democrats hope to flip this year. WLNI’s Evan Jones has the story:

10-23 Kaine-House Wrap-WLNI-WEB

Deadline approaching to request an absentee ballot by mail

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Virginia voters have just over a week left to request an absentee ballot to complete by mail.The state doesn’t have early voting but allows absentee voting if you can’t make it to the polls on Election Day for a variety of reasons. The deadline to request an absentee ballot to be mailed to you is 5 p.m. Oct. 30. You can do so online or by contacting or visiting a registrar’s office.Absentee ballots must be returned to your local general registrar’s office by 7 p.m. on Election Day, which is Nov.  6. Voters can also complete an absentee ballot in person through Nov. 3. Qualifying reasons for absentee voting include pregnancy, a religious obligation or personal business or vacation outside where you live on Election Day.