Monday Mourning featuring Dre Greenlaw, Tony Romo, golf fans and more

After another jam-packed weekend, Monday Mourning is here once again to sum up the worst lowlights of the weekend in the world of sports, including 49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw’s achilles injury, Tony Romo on the CBS call of Super Bowl 58, U.S. Sportsbooks after the total hit over in O.T., the Chiefs’ comeback victory, and […]

Monday Mourning features Clemson and Louisville hoops, the WWE, and Falcons fans

Recapping all of the highlight (or lowlights) of the sports weekend, Monday Mourning is back on The Sportsline to spotlight infamous moments from Saturday and Sunday, including Clemson’s losing streak vs. Duke prolonging, on the current day status of the WWE and another letdown of a major event, the Louisville Cardinals falling in historic fashion, […]

Monday Mourning, featuring NET rankings, the Bills, Sports Illustrated and more

Weekend recapping segment Monday Mourning is back on The Sportsline, as we sum up the weekend in sports by recounting the worst moments of Saturday and Sunday, including college basketball’s NET rankings, Rich cheering for division rival Buffalo, the tumult surrounding the future of Sports Illustrated, Bills Mafia after a tough loss + more! WLNI […]

Monday Mourning returns, with bad football and the ending of a suspension!

Back at it’s regularly schedule time and day, Monday Mourning is back on The Sportsline, as we feature and spotlight the worst moments from this critical weekend in sports, including the Jaguars losing out on a playoff spot, Patriot fans wishing for the end of the Belichick era, Sam Darnold’s late-game interception, and the NBA […]

Monday Mourning, featuring Florida State, Florida State, and Florida State

On this Seminole-themed edition of Monday Mourning, everyone mourns primarily for FSU being left out of the CFP final four, plus the refereeing during Sunday Night Football, AAC commissioner Michael Aresco, the Georgia Bulldogs, and aging Tiger Woods. WLNI · Monday Mourning featuring Florida State, FSU, the Seminoles and so much more

Monday Mourning, featuring F1, Hugh Freeze, the Lions, and UVA fans

A Sportsline signature segment, Monday Mourning is back as we look back on the weekend of sports and its many lowlights, including fans of Formula 1 racing, Auburn head coach Hugh Freeze, hopeful Detroit Lions fans, and another poor showing from UVA and their fans in the Commonwealth Cup. WLNI · Monday Mourning, featuring F1 […]